Graphic Designer, zoeyrpoole@gmail.com

Time Marches On
Expanding on the theme of home, I embarked on a project delving into the rich history of my family's heritage in Outer Banks, North Carolina. Utilizing a collection of archive photographs sourced from newspaper clippings and conducting thorough research on the region, I meticulously curated a 16-page zine. This creative endeavor encompasses a diverse range of content, including an analysis of a song, a cherished family recipe, and a captivating personal interview. 

As part of our project, we were assigned the task of gathering or curating a collection of 50 to 100 items. These collections had to encompass at least five distinct data types, and it was important to maintain visual consistency across the items. Subsequently, we exchanged our collections with a designated classmate and proceeded to develop a website showcasing our partner's collection, integrating it with an API. 
Web Design

Design, Politics and Aesthetics
I was tasked with curating, compiling, designing, and publishing a collection of typographic readings from Parsons CD Sophomore year program. The overarching theme of my book revolved around the intersection of design, society, politics, equity, and aesthetics. By incorporating multiple perspectives, readers had the opportunity to delve into the intricate relationship between aesthetics and various contemporary reform issues. 

Around the Block
The project I developed consists of two distinct editions. The first edition showcases a curated collection of photos captured throughout the day, documenting each hour from the moment of waking up until going to sleep. The second edition expands upon this concept by featuring photos taken every two hours, capturing the daily activities of both myself and a friend. Both editions incorporate fold-outs, providing an interactive experience reminiscent of solving a Rubik's Cube. 

Vault 7
Created entirely from ASCII, I was interested in physical proximity with the piece and how that changes the interaction between the content and the viewer. Content derived from the original Vault 7 Wikileak, the largest ever publication of confidential documents on the CIA.